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Week 14: What does the future hold for our digital selves?

I can’t believe Week 14 is almost upon us! We’ve reached the home stretch of the semester, and I’m happy to see that everyone is still giving 100% to their work. Last night’s peer critique session sounded incredibly productive, and I hope you left with a list of specific revision plans for your electronic portfolio.

In the interest of helping you focus on your two big projects, we’ll keep next week’s reading assignment simple, and I’ll refrain from distracting you with additional “bonus” readings. After we conclude our reading discussion in class, we’ll spend the rest of class addressing the challenges you’ve encountered while working on your research design projects, so please be ready to (1) provide us with a short update about the status of your project and (2) pose at least one methodological question that your classmates might be able to help you resolve.

At this point, the most valuable thing I can do might be to have an individual conversation with you about your portfolio or your research design project, so please let me know if you’d like to meet. I have regular office hours on Tuesday from 1–4 and Wednesday from 9–12, but I will gladly meet with you outside of those times, if needed.

To read before class:

  • The third section of Networked. In the print version, it’s pages 253–302. In the ebook, it’s Chapters 10 and 11.

Due date reminders:

  • April 26: Methods section of Research Design and/or Pilot Study due. This should be uploaded to your Google Drive folder and clearly labeled so I know which file you want me to read.
  • May 3: Final draft of your Professional Electronic Portfolio due. To submit your portfolio, upload your final self-assessment (no longer than two pages, following the guidelines in the assignment description, and containing the URL for your finished site) to your Google Drive folder.

Please email me if you have any questions about our plans for next week. And good luck finishing your portfolios and making progress on your research projects!