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Week 9: How does technology shape our workplaces? What do our digital selves look like at work?

Last night’s class marked the midpoint of the semester, and I intended to gather your feedback about what’s going well so far and what we might want to change during the second half of the semester. Unfortunately, we ran out of time, so please remind me to take care of this at the beginning of class next week! I also plan to assign tentative grades for class participation and blogging within the next few days, so an email from me should be headed your way soon.

Our last few workshops have been pretty technical, and I know that some of you are feeling overwhelmed right now. If you’re in that camp, please remember that (a) these workshops are designed to introduce you to a variety of tools and (b) I don’t expect anyone in this class to master all (or any!) of these tools in a single semester. Bottom line: don’t let your worries about software and servers and code distract you from your scholarly work in this class.

Next week, Tana and Jenny will be our discussion superheroes, and we’ll enjoy software demonstrations from Tana (Notability) and Will (Google+). Our discussion will focus on the the role of digital communication technologies in the workplace, and during our workshop we will experiment with modifying HTML templates and WordPress themes. (Bring your laptops! And if you’d like to get a jump start on the visual design of your portfolio, check the Resources page for some new links.)

To read before class:

To do before class:

  • Submit (in your Google Drive folder) a 1-2 page proposal for your Research Design and/or Pilot Study. To simplify this process, I have created a simple template that you can use to draft your proposal. (Sign into Google, make a copy of this document, rename it, and edit the copy. If this format doesn’t help you, feel free to take a different approach to your proposal.)
  • Finalize the software you plan to use for your Professional Electronic Portfolio (e.g., WordPress on your server, WordPress.com, Concrete5, static HTML template). If necessary, update your “plan of action” in Google Drive to reflect your revised plans.

Bonus reading (as time and interest permit):

If you’d like to talk about either of the projects you’re working on right now, or if you need technical help with setting up your website, please stop by during office hours (T 1–4, W 9–12) or email me to arrange another time to meet.